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leigh extence

Fine Antique Clocks

So now, using a website that came with the premium 365 am I able to use a £ sign, and then a ½ inch, or is it still going to play up… if it does then it must be a conflict on the comp. How about inflections? How about cut and paste from word? é à ê unformatted This is odd as it seems to put a gap above when I pop in the £ sign, although this may be different as I’m putting in completly new text including both the ½ inch sign and the three dots at the end… How about a single dot. and another three dots… £ sign ½ inch. Eu fugiat mollit esse, est esse sit cupidatat. Dolor aute fugiat dolore magna laboris proident ut nulla nisi lorem minim eu. Ea, in, commodo in duis, dolore tempor. Proident amet quis dolor reprehenderit elit eu dolore officia tempor velit proident in esse cillum eu. Occaecat culpa voluptate cupidatat ullamco aute, consequat consectetur aliqua, non nulla tempor dolore dolor veniam pariatur ad id. Aute amet ut eu proident cupidatat non. Incididunt occaecat fugiat in adipisicing, id reprehenderit anim nostrud, veniam dolor consequat ea ipsum dolore duis reprehenderit laboris ullamco. Proident irure dolor tempor dolor. Eiusmod voluptate nostrud veniam et id nisi, velit eu aute velit cillum consectetur in ex amet nulla proident sit. Occaecat aliqua cillum quis sed nulla quis, incididunt cillum, dolor mollit eu do laboris pariatur est velit qui exercitation. Sunt commodo ut dolore ea, pariatur nostrud et, fugiat cupidatat non, ullamco culpa voluptate sint officia culpa mollit anim.
John Smith